Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice Skating, Church. Car. Life.

I've been pretty busy last week. I just wanna let you know about some stuff.

I miss Vale. My church, I used to go to, is way different and I don't really get something out of it for myself, which I really need. I am excited to find a new church, once I moved in 2 weeks.

Yesterday I went Ice Skating with Thomas and my brother Tobias and sister Lea. It was fun! But I missed the Hockey! Skating in fun. Hockey is awesome!!! In 2 weeks I will go to the last away game of my future Hockey team to get to know some girls and see on which level they play! I am really excited for this!

When I first started driving I had to get used to the German traffic again. My dad got a new car in the time I was in the USA. I love the new car!! :)

I got to see some friends of mine last week, which was great!

I need to start packing up my room soon, so I got it all together for my move in 2 weeks. But I really don't feel like it. I hate packing... But I am so excited for my new flat with Thomas!

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My first weekend back in Germany

Hi, finally here is my first real post :)
I had a horrible Bus Shuttle trip up to the airport, since there were to accidents on the airport - a LOT of traffic - and our bus driver pulled over at some point but wouldn't tell us what was wrong. That's why I thought I'm gonna miss my plane for sure. - I didn't :) I came there pretty late (compared to when I wanted to be there...) but had enough time to check in. The 1st flight to Zurich was really good. In Zurich I was pretty annoyed by the "Switzerdeutsch" - German with Swiss accent. And finally in Dusseldorf my Thomas got me from the airport! :)

At home I had my friend come over with her little baby boy to have some cake and talk and later I had a beer and strawberry liquor with my dad - It was as sweet as I thought it would be!!! :) Love it! :)

Yesterday Thomas was still here and we had a BBQ with my family in the evening! I love BBQ's. We didn't really care about the windy, rainy weather :)

Today I went to my church for the first time after America. The 100 "How was it?"-questions were a little annoying, since a simple "awesome" wasn't what they wanted to hear ;D
Afterwards we visited my grandma.. She was really happy to see me ;)

All in all my weekend was great! I am just a little scared of what comes next... The usual daily schedule in my parents house will start and now I am part of it again... Hope it goes well...

I also hope life in B-town is great and you get your sunshine back :) Comment me and write how ya all are!?