Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm excited.

It has been a long time since my last post. Sorry.

My last weeks were good. Thomas and I had a lot of guests, which was great! I enjoyed having my little brother (he's 17) here for 3 days. We went to a place where you climb in trees and stuff. That was a lot of fun! One day we went to the pool. That was the first time for me, since I am back in Germany. I wanna go again! Then my mom and little sister (10) came one day and we visited a park which was kinda like a little zoo. That was cool, too! When my mom and my brother drove back home, my sister stayed here. That was a fun time, too. We played UNO, baked a cake, went to the theater, watched another DVD, cooked and enjoyed some sister-time :)
On Saturday it was my big brother's birthday and we had a BBQ with a couple of friends and family.

Tomorrow my friend Julia is going to come visit us for a couple of days! I am really excited since I haven't seen her in 1 1/2 years. I was in the USA and she was in New Zealand and Australia. She did "work and travel" there for quite some time and went to the Hillsong church in Sydney, Australia. I am excited to talk to her about our last experiences, look at some pictures and just being together! I am really looking forward to our days together!

I've been trying to find a job that fits me best. In the last couple of weeks I was looking for a babysitter-job. I might be able to babysit in a family with one 9-year-old girl maybe twice a month. I will hopefully meet and get to know them really soon. I really hope I get that job! And maybe one or two other babysitting jobs.

I miss America a lot. I miss playing hockey a lot. I go to the gym a couple of days a week, but it's just nothing compared to checking someone into the boards, chasing the puck and playing in a team together .
I also miss Vale. I miss a church that you like going to, that you have friends in, that you can learn something for your daily life at and that you can support with your own personal strengths.
And I miss my friends.
And I miss my hostfamily. It was definitely the perfect family for me and I am so glad I could spend my year with them. Thanks!