Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starbucks, Friends, Love to America ♥

Hi guys, you should know that I miss you a lot. I am thinking about my time with you every single day and wish I had the money (and time) to come visit for a couple of month. America was the greatest thing that could ever happen to me and I am very grateful for every day I spend there.

Unfortunately my English is getting worse every day, cause I am not talking English all day and the English of my teacher is even worse than mine :( I miss talkin in English and I hate for it to decrease every single day! Who wants to skype to help my English?

Christmas is coming up and I am not looking forward to it because I don't know how and where to celebrate it this year. Since Thomas and I are together for almost 3 years now and were living together it would feel weird to spend Christmas Eve with my parents. Thomas' siblings invited us to spend it with them. Thomas really wants to do that, but I wouldn't feel as comfortable as I wish I would... We have to decide this weekend what we're gonna do....

Last week I had 5 girls of my new class here. We had a great time! And I thank God for them! It feels great to finally make friends here and have some girls that you can talk with about everything that's going on in your life and that hang out.

Today I am alone again... Thomas is competing in a tournament (German Championship) and all of my friends are busy.. I guess I am going to rent a couple of DVDs, have Cappuccino and Popcorn! :D Haha

Oh. Before I forget: BIELEFELD HAS A STARBUCKS NOW!!!! - FINALLY!!!!! :)
Here is a picture of me and the girls and one of me at Starbucks! ;)Love you people!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


For those who don't know it yet. I started school about two month ago. I love it! I had two weeks fall break now and I miss it already. Can't wait for it to start again on Monday. Isn't that weird? I would never be waiting for school.. only for the breaks. Ha! Anyways I have a pretty busy schedule but a great class! I've never been in a class in which everyone likes everyone. At least a little bit. I mean of course there are some characters that I wouldn't call my friends, but I could talk to anybody. That is just great, if you ask me! On my second day I learned that two girls are Christian two. I was soo excited! The only subject I am really disappointed with is English. My English teacher seems to be unable to prepare us for our big test in the end of our 3rd year... I hope it get's better soon!

I am not sure if anyone is still reading this blog and so I am thinking about closing it, so if You are still reading it, just let me know, so I know I write this stuff for a reason, okay!?

I am off to get some homework done.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Or no Hockey???

So I went to this bazaar last Saturday and it was just awkward. First the girl I wanted to meet didn't show up. She did write me a text earlier, but I didn't get it because I've got a new number... :/ Also the people that were there we're everything else than nice and helpful. I asked for Nina. And the hobby-team, but nobody even attempt to help me :( I was pissed! I put like all my hopes in that hobby team...
On Wednesday I will meet Nina. Hope she can tell me something more and I may have the chance to play hockey. But I don't wanna get to excited about it. I don't wanna be disappointed again...

Yesterday Thomas and I went to a church with really nice ppl. I think we'll go on Wednesday to their smallgroup and to the service next Sunday. I am hoping for some friends there and also a church that might be ours...

Today was my first day of school. It was kinda cool and I am so happy to be back to school. I am so happy about not sitting at home all day anymore... I am excited!! I can't wait for English Class :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pancakes :)

Today Thomas' and I got us a little bit of America to Germany. In one store they sold 'American Food' - Stuff last week. So we bought this pancakes mix and Salty Microwave Popcorn ♥. Today we made our pancakes :) They actually tasted like pancakes :D Haha, I didn't think so before. It was yummy :) Here're some pictures...

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi guys. I told you that the Hockey girls team that's playing here is WAY to good for me. A couple of days I wrote an email to this goalie girl I talked to before. I told her that I still was fighting myself whether I should join and play with them, even though I feel sooo bad next to them and I asked her if there's any other team close to my home that I might be able to join. So now I found out there's like a beginners- hobby- group and I really hope they are on my level and I can play with them for the start. I mean, I haven't played in half a year so it might take me a while to really get into it again. I am really excited. Tomorrow is a icehockey- bazaar at the rink and I will meet Nina (the girl I talked to). She'll try to get me some contacts to those hobby guys and I will try to get a new stick. Waaah. I can't wait for tomorrow :)

On Monday school'll start for me. I'm kinda excited. I really hope I'll find some friends there!! And school doesn't piss me off right away ;) We'll see how it goes.

Miss you guys and America!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Driving Thomas' car

I don't think I told anyone of you that I don't like Thomas' car :D I am used to big cars. Like when I first had my license I drove my parents car which was like even a little bigger than just a regular van. I loved it. I would sit higher than anyone else on the street. I had a great view of the situation and I knew how long, how big the car was. I never had any trouble figuring out how much space I had on either side of the car. Then in the US I had "my" Jeep. I loved it! Same here. I sat higher than in any regular car. I had a big car. I knew where the car ended. I didn't have any problems EVER figuring out how close I am to the other cars or the sidewalk. Now I am driving Thomas' car. A small one. I am sitting low. I have no good view at the street and the situation. I do not know how long or how big the car is. I do not know how close I am to the sidewalk. I do not know how close I am to the cars that are facing me. I hate it! So I didn't drive a lot at first and I noticed that every time I wanted to drive I would be nervous at first. And I hated myself for that. So now I try to drive as often as I can and it gets better :) I hope that I feel really comfortable in that car very soon!

Oh, and as most of you read on facebook: I cut my hair. I went to the cutter only once in my life and it was really bad. I hated the outcome. Usually my mom would cut my hair. But now that I am not living with her anymore I guess I have to start doing it myself :D I cut my hair twice in the past and I am really confident about my new hair cut. I like it! :D So here's a picture.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Life is GOOD :)

So I was on this page called and I tried to find a family in which I could babysit once in a while. There was one family on there, pretty close to where I live with a girl named Leonie (9 yrs old) that needed a babysitter. So I wrote my application and today I had my "job interview" there. The mom and her girl are really nice, Leonie has a bunny which she presented to me proudly. They also have a cat, but that is nothing I need to care about as their babysitter ;) Anyways it went really well and I will meet them again tomorrow. Tomorrow the mom plans to leave Leonie and me alone for a while so we can get to know each other better and see how it goes. I have a really good feeling about that family and I am looking forward to work for them. So yes. Life is good :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I love my friends. Just wanted to say that :)

So, last week Julia was here for a couple of days and it was really great to hang out after not seeing each other for so long. We had a lot of fun and talking was really good!

Then yesterday Thomas and I went shopping. I got myself two new jeans and Thomas bought some really cool Nike T-Shirts. At night we went to a local disco and had a lot of fun dancing together. There was this thing "Sensation Bunt(colorful)". So everyone was supposed to come in RGB colors and they even had a DJ on the men restrooms. Ha! That was cool! There was more party than on the regular floors :D It was great.

Oh and I almost forgot: Thomas is the sweetest guy on earth ;) We had breakfast in bed on Saturday. I love him!!
We had such a great weekend together. It was like the best weekend since I am back in Germany.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm excited.

It has been a long time since my last post. Sorry.

My last weeks were good. Thomas and I had a lot of guests, which was great! I enjoyed having my little brother (he's 17) here for 3 days. We went to a place where you climb in trees and stuff. That was a lot of fun! One day we went to the pool. That was the first time for me, since I am back in Germany. I wanna go again! Then my mom and little sister (10) came one day and we visited a park which was kinda like a little zoo. That was cool, too! When my mom and my brother drove back home, my sister stayed here. That was a fun time, too. We played UNO, baked a cake, went to the theater, watched another DVD, cooked and enjoyed some sister-time :)
On Saturday it was my big brother's birthday and we had a BBQ with a couple of friends and family.

Tomorrow my friend Julia is going to come visit us for a couple of days! I am really excited since I haven't seen her in 1 1/2 years. I was in the USA and she was in New Zealand and Australia. She did "work and travel" there for quite some time and went to the Hillsong church in Sydney, Australia. I am excited to talk to her about our last experiences, look at some pictures and just being together! I am really looking forward to our days together!

I've been trying to find a job that fits me best. In the last couple of weeks I was looking for a babysitter-job. I might be able to babysit in a family with one 9-year-old girl maybe twice a month. I will hopefully meet and get to know them really soon. I really hope I get that job! And maybe one or two other babysitting jobs.

I miss America a lot. I miss playing hockey a lot. I go to the gym a couple of days a week, but it's just nothing compared to checking someone into the boards, chasing the puck and playing in a team together .
I also miss Vale. I miss a church that you like going to, that you have friends in, that you can learn something for your daily life at and that you can support with your own personal strengths.
And I miss my friends.
And I miss my hostfamily. It was definitely the perfect family for me and I am so glad I could spend my year with them. Thanks!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures of the furniture

Thanks for your comment, Malika! I would have loved to see all of you at the party. I really hope I can see all of you again one day... Here are some pictures of our furniture:

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey. Sorry, my last post is that long ago. So here are some news:
- I am not working for that store anymore. I am looking for a new job right now. I would like to do something with kids. Like an educator or something. There is a place where I might be able to do that. We'll see. I'm going to write an application for that job.
- Our flat looks better everyday! We're putting up our furniture in our living room and I really like the new look!
- Last week a friend of mine spent a couple of days here. That was great.
- In like 3 weeks we'll fly to Mallorca with Thomas' sister and her husband for 1 1/2 weeks for vacation. I can't wait for that! Summer. Sun. The Sea. Blue Sky. Hot weather. Aww. I just love Spain :)
How are you guys?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello friends.
Today was my first working day in my new job. It was harder than I thought, but it wasn't too bad. I am working on the sausage bar (I'm, not sure that's how you call it in English...). There are so many numbers to remember so you can weigh and put the right prize on each product. I was really exhausted after 5 hours. I am not sure how soon I'll be able to do that all by myself for 6-8 hours... But my boss thinks I'll be able in 2 month.. Haha, we'll see.
Right now I am waiting for Thomas to get home. I am hungry and wanna eat :)
Hey, there is only two days till the Opening Game! I can't wait! That's gonna be sooo cool!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As I promised: Here are some pictures from the confirmation:
As most of you know I wrote a job application to work at this store just around the corner. On Thursday morning I will have my job interview. We'll see how it goes. It would be great if I got the job, since it is so close to our flat and I would be able to pay for the gym. I went to the gym with Thomas last night and I think it'd be a great opportunity to get some workout done and to see him more. I am still not sure about the hockey team - but I don't have to know what I wanna do for the next month, because of the summer break.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My boyfriend took last week off, so we have some time to renovate our flat. There is still a lot to do, but we already got everything painted! It looks so much better now!! I can't wait for our furniture to arrive!!! We put two nice seats in the living room, so it looks kinda nice and I bought a flower for our kitchen.Last weekend we were at my parents house since a friend had her confirmation on Sunday. It was a great day (even though I did not like the service), since the sun was out and it was warm. I loved it and really enjoyed being there with my boyfriend, my family and some friends. (Pictures will follow ;)).

Now I am waiting for Thomas to get home, so we can have dinner! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new home

So now I moved in with my boyfriend 2 days ago. We had some crepe on our first night! I LOVE it!!! :) And today we had yummy meatballs.

We painted our living room yesterday and bought some nice furniture today. I can't wait for it to be finished! But we're not gonna get the furniture in the next 5 weeks :(
My boyfriend already gave me my birthday present. We are gonna go see the ice hockey world championship opening game. USA vs. Germany.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

On Thursday night my boyfriend came to pick me up for his brother-in-law's birthday party. We tried to get into a club with about 15 people, but they didn't let anyone in for about 3 hours. That sucked and the night was pretty lame, plus I got kinda sick, cause it was very cold and we were waiting without coats.

On Black Friday we went to Thomas' sister's house to talk about our summer vacation plans. Daria cooked some lasagna for us - YUMMY :)

Saturday was the soccer game of my favorite team, that I hat tickets for. Schalke vs. Bayern. The other team is the one I like the least. Plus it was the first in the league versus the second, so it was a very exciting game. The atmosphere was awesome! I never went to a soccer game THIS big before. Unfortunately my fav. team didn't pay enough attention in 1 minute of the first period, so they got 2 goals against them. They could score once themselves, but it wasn't enough. They lost :( My mood was bad afterwards, as you can imagine, but it got better, since we had a big BBQ afterwards. I love BBQs. Especially with my family. My brothers girlfriend was there, too. I love getting to know her. They just started dating a while ago...

Yesterday we went to church early. We had brunch together with a bunch of people from church. Later was the Easter Service and coffee at my grandma's house, together with my aunt and uncle. Thomas and I saw "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D later... At the end of the movie Thomas started feeling really sick and it wasn't better today, so we spend our day in bed... I didn't think the movie was that great, anyways... What do you guys think about it?

I really miss you guys, all of you, family, friends, hockey guys, ...

I have one more thing to tell: I may be able to play some hockey Thursday night!! I am sooo excited. It's not set, yet, but it would be awesome!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st visit in bar

On Tuesday night I went to the "Fuck" with a friend of mine. The "Fuck" is a bar I used to go to before I came to the US. Tuesday nights is "beer-day" - which means you get beer cheaper than usually :). It was interesting. I thought it was soo loud, so much smoke and I couldn't take it anymore after a couple of hours. I was not used to that anymore. Haha. I also went to get a "Doener" with my friend. I used to LOVE Doener a year ago. The one on Tuesday didn't really taste as good as it did in my memories :D. Doener is Turkish food with loads of meat, lettuce, zaziki, onions, ...

Later tonight I'm gonna go out to a club with Thomas, his sister and her husband (it's his birthday today) and a couple of his friends. I am not really in the mood for that, but we'll see how that goes.

There are another fun things coming up this weekend I bet I'm gonna talk about next time ;).
How are things for you guys??

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice Skating, Church. Car. Life.

I've been pretty busy last week. I just wanna let you know about some stuff.

I miss Vale. My church, I used to go to, is way different and I don't really get something out of it for myself, which I really need. I am excited to find a new church, once I moved in 2 weeks.

Yesterday I went Ice Skating with Thomas and my brother Tobias and sister Lea. It was fun! But I missed the Hockey! Skating in fun. Hockey is awesome!!! In 2 weeks I will go to the last away game of my future Hockey team to get to know some girls and see on which level they play! I am really excited for this!

When I first started driving I had to get used to the German traffic again. My dad got a new car in the time I was in the USA. I love the new car!! :)

I got to see some friends of mine last week, which was great!

I need to start packing up my room soon, so I got it all together for my move in 2 weeks. But I really don't feel like it. I hate packing... But I am so excited for my new flat with Thomas!

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My first weekend back in Germany

Hi, finally here is my first real post :)
I had a horrible Bus Shuttle trip up to the airport, since there were to accidents on the airport - a LOT of traffic - and our bus driver pulled over at some point but wouldn't tell us what was wrong. That's why I thought I'm gonna miss my plane for sure. - I didn't :) I came there pretty late (compared to when I wanted to be there...) but had enough time to check in. The 1st flight to Zurich was really good. In Zurich I was pretty annoyed by the "Switzerdeutsch" - German with Swiss accent. And finally in Dusseldorf my Thomas got me from the airport! :)

At home I had my friend come over with her little baby boy to have some cake and talk and later I had a beer and strawberry liquor with my dad - It was as sweet as I thought it would be!!! :) Love it! :)

Yesterday Thomas was still here and we had a BBQ with my family in the evening! I love BBQ's. We didn't really care about the windy, rainy weather :)

Today I went to my church for the first time after America. The 100 "How was it?"-questions were a little annoying, since a simple "awesome" wasn't what they wanted to hear ;D
Afterwards we visited my grandma.. She was really happy to see me ;)

All in all my weekend was great! I am just a little scared of what comes next... The usual daily schedule in my parents house will start and now I am part of it again... Hope it goes well...

I also hope life in B-town is great and you get your sunshine back :) Comment me and write how ya all are!?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hi there

Hello. Not started yet and probably not really started until I am back in Germany (3/19). Anyways, this should be where you can read about my life back in reality, back in Germany. How was my flight? How was it to meet family and friends after a year? How IS my life over there? I will try to post here as often as possible (once I am back in Germany), so you can still be part of my life and we can all keep in touch!!!