Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Driving Thomas' car

I don't think I told anyone of you that I don't like Thomas' car :D I am used to big cars. Like when I first had my license I drove my parents car which was like even a little bigger than just a regular van. I loved it. I would sit higher than anyone else on the street. I had a great view of the situation and I knew how long, how big the car was. I never had any trouble figuring out how much space I had on either side of the car. Then in the US I had "my" Jeep. I loved it! Same here. I sat higher than in any regular car. I had a big car. I knew where the car ended. I didn't have any problems EVER figuring out how close I am to the other cars or the sidewalk. Now I am driving Thomas' car. A small one. I am sitting low. I have no good view at the street and the situation. I do not know how long or how big the car is. I do not know how close I am to the sidewalk. I do not know how close I am to the cars that are facing me. I hate it! So I didn't drive a lot at first and I noticed that every time I wanted to drive I would be nervous at first. And I hated myself for that. So now I try to drive as often as I can and it gets better :) I hope that I feel really comfortable in that car very soon!

Oh, and as most of you read on facebook: I cut my hair. I went to the cutter only once in my life and it was really bad. I hated the outcome. Usually my mom would cut my hair. But now that I am not living with her anymore I guess I have to start doing it myself :D I cut my hair twice in the past and I am really confident about my new hair cut. I like it! :D So here's a picture.

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